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Ingco Self Leveling Line Laser – 15 Metre



  • Line accuracy: ±1.5mm at 5 m  Levelling time4s


INGCO HLL156501 – Self Leveling Line Laser is a compact leveling and alignment solution.The tool has three operating modes between which you can switch at any time with the on/off switch.

Press the key to change the three operating modes –

  • 1- Horizontal laser line
  • 2-Vertical laser line
  • 3-Laser cross line each other at a 90°


Key Features
  • Working Range: 0 ~ 15 m
  • With Laser Cross Function
  • Self-levelling angle: ≤4 °
  • Laser Type: 650nm
  • Leveling accuracy: ±1.5mm at 5 m


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