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Ingco Gasoline Cultivator Tiller – Industrial



Gasoline Cultivator 6.5 HP Ingco is very essential product in the field of Agriculture. Ingco’s Gasoline Cultivator is can perform heavy duty and gets in the corners of the crops and their boundaries respectively. Ingco’s Gasoline Cultivator is very essential to seed the soil now farmers don’t have to buy heavy tractors or any indigenous way of seeding. Gasoline Cultivator 6.5 HP Ingco has it all. It can perform seeding and cultivating faster than any other heavy vehicle(s). For more information about this product or any other related product please feel free to contact us. We shall be pleased to help you in your inquiries.


  • Gasoline Cultivator 6.5 HP Ingco
  • Model: GC6101
  • INGCO Petrol Engine
  • Engine power: 4.8kW(6.5HP)
  • Tilling Scope(mm):900
  • Tilling depth(mm):150-300
  • Gear shifting:-1,2,0,1
  • Driving model:Belt
  • Max. torque(N.m/rpm):11/2500
  • Transmission oil capacity(L):0.95
  • Packed by wooden case


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